A Room With a View

I absolutely love sunsets.

There is something amazing about the way God paints all these amazing colors across the sky that just speaks beauty to me. As far as I am concerned the more hues the better. I am never bored by a colorful view. It’s actually kind of been a thing with me and God the cooler the sky, the more I praise Him.

It’s been an interesting week in Nashville at the Vanderbilt Clinic. Nothing has really gone as planned. That is with the limited planning one can do before a surgery. It started off course when I was put in the ER Tuesday night for chest pains and didn’t get into our hotel until 11:45pm. Which for me, really meant no real “last real meal” of sorts. I got a salad from the hospital cafeteria. Oh boy!

Then my three hour, “this should be quick and easy surgery” went for 6.5 hours and it wasn’t so easy. The doctors found a bit of a surprise for them when they got in there. My tumor was larger than expected and was “sticky.” it stuck to every artery, vein, and nerve it could get it’s hands on. So this seemingly simple (should only be minor damage) surgery became a bit more challenging from the start.

Now my stay has gone from a three day stint in Nashville to indefinite. It’s funny how God has a way of taking our plans and saying, “That was a nice idea, now let me show you what I have in store for you.”

I mean, did I really think I was going to be able to control all of those factors? Maybe I hoped I could. But it really was completely out of my control.

Rather now, I sit in my hospital room (the second of two) that has had the most amazing view of Nashville. In my last few days, I’ve barely been awake or clear headed enough to notice the view but God has reminded me through that even when I feel like things are out of control that He is very much in control.

Romans 8:28 says that God works out the good for those who love him.

I got to see, right outside my window last night, the most beautiful sky of hues of pinks and reds, blues, and grays. It was so magnificent I went searching on my phone for the perfect song to praise God with for this perfect sky. Being that I have no voice I allowed the singer to sing it out for me.

I hope you’ll take a moment and consider where in your life, when it may feel most out of control, that God may be trying to show you your perfect sky.

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